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Gone But Apparently Not Forgotten

Football 10 Nov 2018
Apparently this forum isn't the only ghost of football past. A person made a "Northeastern Football Undefeated Since 2009" sign for College Gameday at Boston College today.    https://twitter.com/...lbnwFhnm5uzPPSw   Excited to extend the unbeaten record another season. Too bad we...
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Basketball 08 Nov 2018
Looks like we will be facing an opponent that is in a similar situation to ours.  Towns and Aiken did not play against MIT and I believe someone indicated they may not play against us.  Not sure what Occeus' injury status is but hope he will be back. I am under the impression that Max's...
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Homecoming Weekend- UConn + UML

Hockey 08 Nov 2018
This week is homecoming week for Northeastern, and I hope some of the alums on this board will be able to make it back to campus for some of the activities going on, notably the home games on Friday/Saturday against UConn and Lowell, respectively. Friday is considered the "homecoming game" that I...
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Putting out an APB for MIA forwards

Hockey 05 Nov 2018
Has anyone seen senior transfers Austin Plvey or Brandon Hawkins?   I think I caught glimpses of Plevy in the bu game.  Hawkins i think played the first game of the year?     If they are found, please have them report to Matthews Arena ASAP - our forward ranks are not dee...
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Season Opener

Basketball 05 Nov 2018
I'm not even going to try to do an in-depth assessment of this game because regardless of how both teams appear to be on paper here's what's going to happen..   1.  One school will jump out to an early lead. 2.  Said school won't capitalize on a chance to blow the game open an...
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